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Velina Wallpaper

Lead time (weeks): 4 - 8

The pretty pink floral wallpaper, Velina Pink Peony, is the most delicate of Olenka’s designs. The intricate floral motif with the soft feminine colour palette creates a calm, dreamy mood in a living space. And although it wasn’t specifically created as a children’s design, Velina Pink Peony will look beautiful in a girl’s room. Velina design was inspired by traditional Russian folk art, which was then given a fresh look by using the modern colour palette.

The Velina Tropical has bold pink flowers offset against a contrasting tropical blue background, complemented by midnight blue leaves.

Olenka wallpapers are made in England by a leading fourth-generation, a family-run manufacturer that not only produces excellent quality wall-coverings but also takes environmental responsibility very seriously.

This charming pink floral wallpaper has been featured in a number of British and international publications, for example, Dear Designer Blog

Environmental benefits:

Non-Woven Base – 45% of Non-Woven is wood pulp (cellulose fibres), which is a natural fibre, which is completely biodegradable and comes from FSC certified Forests (well-managed Forests). 15% of Non woven is polyester fibres, there is a mixture of Aliphatic (biodegradable) and Aromatic (non-degradable) fibres. To summarise, a high percentage of non woven is biodegradable. Non woven is also recyclable and goes into the ‘Mixed Paper Range.’ Furthermore, through its construction of Wood pulp and Polyester fibres and no top vinyl coating, it can also be described as breathable allowing the wall to breathe allowing no build-up of moistures or fumes. 

Printing Inks – all inks are Acrylic and are classed as water-based, non-toxic and very low in VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds). The positive characteristics of Acrylic inks are they have little or no fumes, quick drying times, environmentally safe, water clean-up and long-lasting colour. 

All wall-coverings pass the British Fire Standards to a Class ‘0’ level and the CE European Fire standard En15102 to a B s1 d0 level which means they can be hung anywhere within a commercial building.

Composition: 180gsm non-woven

Roll Width: 52cm

Roll Length: 10.05m

Pattern Repeat: 52cm straight match

Application: Paste the Wall

Highly durable and fade resistant

PVC-free and FSC-certified

Velina Wallpaper
Velina Wallpaper
Velina Wallpaper