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Sentimental Journal

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Linda Loenen and Helma Bongenaar are the founders of Sentimental Journal.

Sentimental Journal, is an international magazine with a keen eye for Dutch cultural heritage. Each issue will have its own unique theme: 

01. Wood, 02. Water, 03. Harvest, 04. Ceramics, 05. Correspondence, 06. Coffee, 7. Fabrics, 08. Time… and more to come...

The beauty of the stories and images unveiled are for curious people from anywhere in the world. For people who yearn to discover and who are compelled to go beyond their own boundaries.

Sentimental Journal is for the inspired, creative, inquisitive man and woman.

An authentic person who appreciates beauty, simplicity and ingenuity, and who wants to protect and savour it. 

Located in the heart of Amsterdam, Linda and Helma joined forces to bring their years of experience in the world of magazines and books, to the Sentimental Journal. 

Read it like a magazine.

Treasure it like a book. 

Sentimental Journal
Sentimental Journal
Sentimental Journal
Sentimental Journal