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Cashmere Shawl Orange

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One-of-a-kind piece.

This cashmere shawl is all handmade from the pure cashmere of the Kashmiri Srinagar Valley. The Master Craftsmen behind the creation are skilled at ancestral weaving and hand embroidery techniques we strive to preserve. The creation of this amazing fiber requires the Queen of goat, the coldest temperature, a specific way of harvesting, cutting, combing, and cleaning under a layer of wool. Then, spinning this delicate thread is critical so it doesn’t break. The regularity of the chain stitched hand embroidery is perfected with the mastery of each point. Creations can take more than 20 months to complete. 

The quality and feeling from this shawl is one that won’t go unnoticed. Isabelle Cajfinger’s motivation for her creations are inspired by her experiences of working and visiting numerous elegant and luxurious homes around the world, and yet noticing the quality of plaids is quite often lacking the same statement that’s present in the home. In some cases it may be a soft fleece or a throw from a very distant past with no style or beauty. That is when Isabelle decided to create, with master craftsmen, plaids with the best quality cashmere from Kashmir.

Size: 100cm x 200cm 

Cashmere Shawl Orange