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Cambium Finger Print Trinket Box

Lead time (weeks): Individual box 2

Maartje van Deursen creates a special limited edition storage case for the stylish storage of precious memories, objects and documents.

Just as our finger prints are one-of-a-kind, so is our identity. Each of us is a once-only articulation of what humans can be. We are rare, unmatched, Mysterious. This is why the quality of openness is so crucial to our self discovery. We cannot know ourselves by who we think we are, who others take us to be, or what our drivers license may say. We are fields of potential, some now actualised, most not yet.

David Richo

The limited edition boxes are made by utilising overflow material from Maartje's furniture workshop, short pieces, preferably from a compact type of wood such as pear, maple or American oak.

For that special gift the boxes may also be created with your own finger print along with a name. These are of course made to order with a lead time of approximately 2 weeks. Be sure to contact us after placing your order. Maartje shall then work directly with you to work on the details.



L 25.5cm x  D 19.7cm x H variable 3-5cm


L 21.5cm x D 15.5cm x H 2.3cm

Cambium Finger Print Trinket Box