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Marinomaza / Spain

Andrés Mariño Maza is a Spanish Architect and designer whose work relies on technology and craftsmanship to create beautifully complex natural forms.

His background in architecture and fine arts gives him the tools to test the boundaries of what is possible in furniture design. Through his use of steam-bent wood his pieces take advantage of the natural qualities of the material, drawing a bridge between old and new, classic and modern.

Marinomaza strives to create objects of value, design that tells a story of sustainable craft and respect to our ecosystems. He works mainly with short carbon cycle materials that are easily obtainable, replaceable, fixable.

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Dare Studio / UK

Established by Sean Dare in 2009, Dare Studio champions the skills of the finest craftsmen and sets a benchmark for the very best in contemporary design and manufacture. The British design company produces award winning furniture for luxury residential interiors and high specification contract environments.

Working with globally respected designers sharing a holistic understanding of the manufacturing process, they strive to create pieces which are timeless, future classics.

All of pieces are produced using a combination of sophisticated techniques and the finest, carefully selected sustainable materials making each and every piece special.

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@Aroma / Japan

Humans have been incorporating natural scents into their lives for thousands of years.

Natural scents are an indispensable part of our lives. They seep into the psyche just like scenery and music, pleasantly color spaces, and remain in our memories.

@Aroma aroma oils are made from 100% natural ingredients. They value the intrinsic qualities of natural scents, draw out their latent powers, and use them to make our living spaces more pleasant and attractive.

@Aroma provides a full range of services with the highest design quality in the world, and these services extend from developing aroma products to designing spaces that possess natural scents.

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Hind Rabii / Belgium

Since 1997, the designers Hind Rabii and Michel Orban both industrial engineers have a common passion and love for creation, design and innovation.

We expect lights to shed light, to shine, to create shadows. To do this, the poetry of materials, glass, wood, gold and silver leaf, colours used by HIND RABII, positively alter the realities for playing the emotions card without indifference.

Their craft makes every HIND RABII model appeal to the desire of love and of light. The HIND RABII brand is and will be synonymous with all these terms that are only language. This language which skillfully builds itself in front of the manufactures that are glass blowing, confection of lampshades, wood, aluminum and steel work. All these trades that HIND RABII manages to show only the essentials.

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Milla & Milli / Croatia

Milla & Milli take the finest croatian wood from mother earth and create timeless pieces of art that enchant any space. Led by the principle of Eco is the new luxury, they strive for maintaining balance by giving back tenfold.

For each piece you buy from Milla & Milli, they plant a tree named after you, or after someone of importance to you.

They do not cut trees younger than 80 years. Moreover, they use every scrap for the pellets production, there's no log left behind.

Home is where the art is -they are a great advocate of the arts, particularly of the artists creating with wood, and other natural materials. Their earth-loving artisan furniture and lighting is produced by the highest ethical and ecological standards.

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Studio Eigengijs / The Netherlands

Gijs Kuijpers is a passionate young designer with a hands-on mentality. Inspired by heritage that man has left us until today, Gijs always takes the contemporary with him when he designs something new.

Furniture design is the main focus of the studio. Heritage, playful problem solving, and the creation process are the most striking elements. Always searching for the perfect balance between aesthetics, functionality and uniqueness. Raising everyday furniture to a higher right to exist is the ultimate goal.

This creates high-profile inspiring unique pieces of work that derive their raison d'être from a good dose of stubbornness. The combination of ingredients is what they call the Eigengijs signature.

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Popdots / Mexico

Popdots is an art and design studio that started with the aim to transform damaged and forgotten objects through collaboration, and today is founded as an alloy between creative curiosity and handmade work.

In the fall of 2012, Melissa Aldrete and Luis Cardenas, founded this studio, with the sole purpose of expressing the remarkable quality of typical and ancient material such as the clay in a contemporary context. Each object is molded and lathed, seeking the elementary forms to suit our lifestyle, highlighting the aesthetic value of its textures and its complex simplicity, trying to have always an ecological foundation within each final piece.

Popdots has also created installations and interior design work, enabling them to keep experimenting with basic materials capable of creating extraordinary shapes.

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Henkalab / Spain

Pablo Vidiella was born in Madrid, where he is currently based. Interested in arts, he decided to study Architecture, obtaining the degree in 2013. After that, he started working in a well-known architectural practices, having the opportunity to work in different fields and scales of architecture and design, getting in touch with technical and digital fabrication. 

Every curve and surface present in living beings have a biological explanation related to a certain function over time, and these evolutionary changes and transformations are what he finds especially inspiring. His creative process consists of trying to emulate this natural process, experimenting and subjecting pure geometries to certain tensions, obtaining new living forms that fit a specific use. 

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Dovedale Studio / UK

Dovedale Design Studio strives to source local materials and collaborate with British craftsmen to create contemporary products that meet the expectation of the most discerning collector.

The products are handmade, limited editions. Materials such as five-thousand-year-old bog wood are used.

The company is a partnership between Oliver Tebbutt and Charl Heynike, two friends who met during their sculpture and design years at Central St Martins. Oliver is a cabinet maker and sculptor, and Charl a luxury product designer and sculptor.

Both are dedicated to fine craftsmanship and design, bringing complementary skills and experience to their projects.

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Brajak Vitberg / Slovenia

Brajak Vitberg is art and design studio, founded by two architects, Petra and Robert, from Ljubljana, Slovenia in 2019.

The focus of the studio is the conceptual search of eternity through materials with a multidisciplinary approach: through fashion, art, people and the inspiration of the moment. They strive to design craft elements and make them timeless through experimental designing process. The studio creates a range of products from handmade and limited small series to one piece unique products, inspired by materials and forms that create incomplete perfection.

The language used in the design is stratified and eclectic, but at the same time it combines a poetic vision and raw design. Their work is a ramification of their synaesthetic perceptions of the world around us. They have always had an urge to instantly materialise their visions without discrepancies between the creative process and the realisation: their design is an intersection of the creative part and the material one. 

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Studio Mieke Lucia / The Netherlands

Mieke Lucia van den Hout (1986) founded her studio in 2015 after graduating Product Design at ArtEZ school of Arts in Arnhem, the Netherlands.

Mieke creates textile objects for interiors that enhance acoustics and stimulate the imagination. 

Good accoustics are essential in achieving a comfortable work and living space, plus, her use of colour has a positive effect on our well-being. There are a lot of acoustic solutions that are hidden, standard or unimaginative. It is a missed opportunity that they do not compliment the space they’re in. 

Mieke works with various materials that inspire her, caught her eye and have the common quality of sound absorption. Her work consists of innovative and technical materials such as Colback®, polyester wool and PET felt. Natural materials like hand dyed yarns, recycled fibres and sheep wool are also widely used in the studio.

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Isabelle Cajfinger / The Netherlands

Isabelle’s passion is to bridge cultures. Born in France, she has lived in Brazil, Los Angeles, The Netherlands, and worked in S.E Asia. Her collection of plaids, rugs and shawls fuse craftsmanship, art, and style together. She strives to source and bring to light a rare know-how that emphasizes your personal style and your interior's elegance. Her pledge is to share with connoisseurs the history beyond design.

Isabelle is committed to developing slow fashion and decor fighting against the invading standardization of design. Each piece in her collection is hand crafted and tells a story. Each piece to be passed down through generations and built on 5 principles: Respect for people, respect for work, respect for time, preservation of culture, and respect for animals.

Isabelle’s collection is born from the golden fingers of master craftspeople from the Kashmiri Sinigar valley who master ancestral weaving and hand embroidery techniques she strives to preserve.

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Merryl Tielman / The Netherlands

Starting her career studying fashion design through to audiovisual art, Merryl’s love for leather was sparked whilst working as a shoe designer. Merryl took a leap into the void and started her own label in 2019. This label incorporates the skills she has accumulated and concentrates on the design and production of luxury bags. 

All of Merryl’s bags are meticulously constructed with an architectural and seemingly simple design. Their ingenuity is only apparent at second glance. Merryl’s creations incorporate seamless motions which transform a handbag into a shoulder bag or an elegant backpack into a tote bag. Merryl draws inspiration from everyday objects and starts her designs as shapes rather than an obvious accessory. 

Merryl takes absolute pride in using locally sourced Italian vegetable tanned leather and works closely with Italian artisan crafts people for the construction of her pieces.

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Christine Kröncke / Germany

Christine Kröncke furniture is above all a confession to style. Urban, timeless and inspired by a variety of design orientations but characterised by its own identity and signature styles. This creates interior-design concepts with emphasis on product quality and at the same time the human desire on quality, distinctiveness and harmony. Style can be anything, but not a coincidence.

Their style, colours, and features finely balanced interior worlds are characterised by an unobtrusive coherence. Creative, stimulating and at the same time a well founded constructive planning basis, which saves the customer the confrontation with randomness and makes choosing easy and enjoyable.
This invitation to change, to extend or to complete, will ultimately lead to long lasting results and satisfaction from the very first moment.

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Olenka Design / UK

Olenka is a British homeware brand founded by Russian-born Designer Olga Shevchenko. Celebrating diversity and cultural heritage Olga loves to explore connections between past and present times to create truly unique designs. Her striking floral patterns embody traditional Russian folk art with a modern colour palette.

All of Olenka's wallpaper is printed in the UK by an established UK wallpaper manufacturer, where the experienced staff make sure the product meets all the standard UK requirements and quarantees the best quality. The wallpaper is suitable for both domestic and commercial use.

Her fabrics and wallpapers are ecologically made, which means they have little or no fumes, quick drying times, environmentally safe, water clean-up, long lasting colourfastness, and allow the walls to breath.

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Eric Don / The Netherlands

Eric Don is respectful of and attentive to the primal message uttered by the mute stone, wood, metal. They touch him, he recognizes their grace and extracts their initial anonymous meaning. He knows their history of violence and aggression through his experience with the past of the shipyards. It is this extraction of their soul, this implication of a vigorous creative process which makes the artist stand apart. He imbues them with a new life.

There is no true metamorphosis of the object in the sense that the anonymous object had already been instilled with an inner life long before, perhaps at the end of the 20th century, or perhaps at the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, or perhaps even in more distant ages, just waiting to be given a second or a seventh life during the course of the creative process. The artist lets the material sing with the words and music which belong to it.

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Joined + Jointed / Collaboration

Joined + Jointed is a collective of celebrated designers and artisans brought together by a shared love of contemporary design and meticulous craft. Together they have created a collection of original, accessible and exclusive furniture pieces.

From the initial sketch to the final finished piece, Joined and Jointed is collaborating with some of the most exciting designers working today – some established, others just emerging.

From the UK to the USA, China to Denmark, the collective has been brought together by award-winning designer Samuel Chan. His purpose – to turn new design concepts into beautifully made pieces of furniture using his artisan production knowledge, and to offer them to like-minded furniture lovers at sensible, attainable prices

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Milou Ceramics / The Netherlands

Milou has a passion for the texture of porcelain, the way it evolves throughout the process has always intrigued her. The raw material constantly change throughout the process - from powder to liquid, from wet to dry. The challenge here is to ensure each step is done perfectly to create the refined result she is looking for.

Every step is completed by hand, which is a huge challenge and very time consuming. In our Western world everything is easily available, we often don't know how something is made. By sharing the process with full transparency she hopes each piece will be looked at differently.

Her minimal aesthetic is a consciously chosen, both to show the character of the materials but also ensure longevity in the design.

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