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Struggling to find an outstanding centrepiece for his home and in need of inspiration, Davide reached out to his close friend and creative craftsman Chris Barton.

They began looking for something that stood out because the reality was, generic pieces were widely available and attainable. And, they were also uninspiring.

An alternative was not so easy to find. Yet, their wider and deeper online searches and European road trips led them to unique discoveries which they felt needed to be shared.

In 2018 the conceptual idea was born; Present an exclusive collection of curated interior objects, artwork and furniture to the public, hand-selected from their Black Book of craftspeople, artists and designers. This selection would have an eye for detail and aesthetic unlike anything else.

A focused selection of criteria was drawn up. Then, using these benchmarks, Davide & Chris set about curating pieces that delivered an undeniable alternative to current trends, fashions or fads - These became the collectables of the future. And, in 2019 The Shop of Beautiful Things began to take shape.

In June 2020 The Shop of Beautiful Things successfully opened its Amsterdam doors with:

A collection that is 90% exclusive to The Netherlands.

A collection built on sustainability with design icons of the future.

A collection personally founded on one-to-one relationships with award-winning artists and craftspeople.

A collection with a narrative. From concept to creation. A story behind every piece.

A collection to last generations.

Come in, make yourself at home, and let's find your personal story-telling centrepiece.

Come visit

Overtoom 429H


1054 KE


Tues - Sat, 11am - 6pm