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Cambium Year Ring Trinket box

Lead time (weeks): Individual box 2

Maartje van Deursen creates a special storage case for the stylish storage of precious memories, objects and documents.

Growth rings or, more popularly, annual rings, are patterns that are recognisable on the cross-section of cross-cut timber (end-grain).

Trees, especially those growing in temperate climates, have variable growth rates. There is a living layer around the inner, already dead wood, in which the cambium ensures the thickness growth. Under favourable conditions, the tree grows rapidly and the cells of the wood are wide in diameter; if the weather gets worse, the cells also become smaller in diameter.

On the cross-section, these differences are visible as line patterns that form concentric rings.

The boxes are made by utilising overflow material from Maartje's furniture workshop, short pieces, preferably from a compact type of wood such as pear, maple or American oak.

For that special gift the boxes may also be created with your own number of engraved rings along with a name. These are of course made to order with a lead time of approximately 2 weeks. Be sure to add the number of rings and name to the notes in your shopping cart. We shall confirm the details with you.



L 25.5cm x  D 19.7cm x H variable 3-5cm


L 21.5cm x D 15.5cm x H 2.3cm

Cambium Year Ring Trinket box
Cambium Year Ring Trinket box
Cambium Year Ring Trinket box
Cambium Year Ring Trinket box